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About Our Classes

Pilates Plus ~ Because You Can!

Before arriving for your first appointment, please fill out an admission form. You can download an intake form (PDF) or Pilates Plus can send you a form via mail or FAX. For information on class pricing, please view our basic Class Price List (*PDF). Please call the studio for more detailed information and for our monthly special. For a list of class days and times, please check out our Schedule.

Please note: All privates and semiprivates can also be 30 minute sessions for half rate.

All classes require pre-registration by phone (360) 513-0672 or on-line sign up. 
Classes are subject to change…

Gift Certificates
We have gift certificates available to purchase at the studio or by phone. 

Pilates Plus

Class Descriptions

BEAMING™ Balancing Experiences with Activity to Motivate life change
Coming soon to the Studio, Beaming, a barefoot program taught on a 6 inch wide, 5 foot long BEAM that “gives slightly” cushioning the joints as one works on it.  Beaming harmonizes familiar movements with the philosophies associated with mind-body disciplines. Beaming improves not only physical fitness — balance, cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, agility, coordination and reaction time — but also brings individuals more in touch with their emotional and sensory awareness as it relates to their experience in the world around them.

Beaming is a “Whole Body” focused workout session. In Beaming the integration of basic training elements unites the mind and body in an innovative way that lends a fresh, new approach to physical fitness and overall health and wellness — perfect for everyone from kids to mature adults!

Introduction/Beginner Mat
This is a beginning level class conducted on the floor on mats. You will learn the basic principles of Pilates, working slowly and correctly to build core strength and flexibility. Other props such as therabands and fitness circles will be incorporated to make your workout more challenging.

Gentle Mat Class
This slower based class combines yoga, pilates and therapeutic techniques. Stabilizing the core body and major muscle joints, along with targeted stretching, helps restore health and balance the body.

Beginner/Intermediate Mat
This is a beginning to intermediate level class conducted on the floor on mats. Experience new exercise variations and a faster paced workout.

Intermediate/Advanced Mat
This is a high level, fast paced intermediate class conducted on the floor on mats. Progress to an advanced level, adding in more complicated and challenging exercises that require greater flexibility, endurance and strength.

Introduction/Beginner Reformer
This is a beginning level class conducted on the versatile pilates Reformer, a specialized piece of equipment that allows you to work out using spring resistance. You will learn the basic principles of Pilates, working slowly and correctly to build core strength and flexibility.

Beginner/Intermediate Reformer
This is a beginning to intermediate level workout that builds on the basic work, adding in more challenging exercises requiring greater strength and flexibility including some intermediate reformer exercises.

Intermediate/Advanced Reformer
This is an advanced-level workout for individuals comfortable and safe with the intermediate level reformer workout and ready to pursue more difficult exercises requiring greater coordination, balance and endurance.

These are classes designed to take the brand new student through the STOTT PILATES® principles and all the essential level exercises on Mat or Reformer. Periodically offered, these 10 classes are conducted over a five-week period, twice per week, and prepare one to go into the beginning/intermediate level classes that are available in our online program. A private lesson is not required prior to participating in these classes. These classes are set up periodically, and are not ongoing, so please call or contact our studio for more information about pricing and start dates.

Kick Butt Circuit Class
If you are looking to take your work out to a new and exciting level then this is the class for you.  Set up in a circuit and guided by an instructor, your body will move with grace, power, stamina and flow to various pieces of equipment, tools, toys, and props to guarantee a tremendous workout leaving you feeling exuberated and accomplished.  This is an intermediate/advanced class and requires at least 6 weeks of privates/semi-privates, or classes to attend.  It is so much fun to see and feel what our bodies can do!  The Max participants for this class are 6 to provide the most benefit to our clients!

Ball / BOSU® and Chair
This class explores challenging exercises with the physio ball, toning balls, BOSU® and the STOTT PILATES® Stability chair. Participants should be competent in reformer work and have good body awareness because the Chair will take you to the next level! Expect to get a full body workout without ever getting bored! Class is limited to 4 people. Hope to see you there!

A wonderful fusion of Pilates and Yoga to help clear your mind, strengthen your core, stretch and invigorate your body to awake your spirit.  What a terrific way to start your day!

This beginning to intermediate level class will provide a variety of Pilates moves combined with some general fitness to challenge your cardiovascular system, balance, overall strength, and flexibility.  Bring your shoes.

Tools, Toys and Props
An upbeat class designed to use a wide variety of tools such as balls, foam rollers, bands, bosu’s, and fitness circles during your Pilates workout to guarantee and assist you with toning, lengthening, and strengthening. 

This class combines dynamic movements to increase blood flow and heart rate. We are going to focus on having fun, fat burning and safety! This is going to be a mover and shaker class to rev up your lunch hour and metabolism. We are going to utilize various equipment such as: bosus, balls, jump ropes, medicine balls, tape, cones, etc.

A dynamic system to strengthen, mobilize and reduce stress. After a gentle warm-up, we will explore balance, grace and endurance with standing poses and flow sequences. We will finish each class with stretching and relaxation. Come discover why yoga is such a great compliment to Pilates.

Pilates for Parkinson's
This pilates mat class is designed to benefit people with PD. Our highly-skilled staff will lead and direct the students/clients to explore greater range of motion, establish core stability and mind-body connection, increase core strength in a functional manner, increase stamina and coordination, help to alleviate tightness, and bond with fellow people with Parkinson’s Disease. Feel free to observe a class before joining. The Pilates for Parkinson's price for mat classes are just $10 apiece (minimum purchase of 5).

Pilates for Rehab
Are you recovering from an auto accident, or maybe knee, shoulder or back surgery? Do you have chronic low back or neck pain? Or are you generally deconditioned from an illness that has made it hard for you to return to exercise?

If you have completed your prescribed course of therapy and wonder what to do now, this is a great course of action. Pilates for Rehab is designed for your unique needs and can help you achieve ease-of-movement through greater pain-free range of motion, increased joint stability and muscle strength, as well as refining your posture and breathing patterns. This fun, gentle and highly-effective exercise program is beneficial for all exercise levels and many conditions.


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